M-Files Connector for Google G Suite

Goomfi is an integration tool between M-Files DMS and Google G Suite (Gmail, Drive). GOOMFI enables users to synchronize important files and emails from Google G Suite to M-Files. Goomfi also support the G Suite to M-Files integration on top of Lumapps.

Both M-Files and Google G Suite are designed to be easy to use. Goomfi makes sure your important information flow from Gmail and Drive to M-Files is secure and always insync. Goomfi improves workflow, enables secure control for content, avoids conflicts and data loss.

GOOMFI Features

GOOMFI features are available with our Chrome Extension.

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Goomfi updated to version 3.0!

Goomfi V3 comes with the following features:

  • supports Gmail, Drive and Lumapps
  • metadata self training
  • SSO (Single Sign-on) with Google Identity
  • Language support

Upcoming features

  • Compatiblity with new Gmail
  • Gmail Add-On support


License cost is 2 USD / month / user. More than 1000 users please contact sales@goomfi.com


A 30 day free trial is provided for new customers. If you need more trial time, please contact our support.

We are happy to hear about new feature requests and development ideas – so please provide any ideas and proposals to our support.


Supported browsers

Latest version of Chrome.


1. Contact us through sales@goomfi.com
2. Goomfi team confirms the setup.
3. deploy the Chrome Extension for the domain, from your G Suite Admin Panel


GOOMFI is supported by our professional support team daily between 06:00-14:00 (GMT) Contact support: support@goomfi.com


Any challenges, you are welcome to contact our support: support@goomfi.com